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We are a one stop Online to Offline (O2O) platform that provides professional services for suppliers and importers in the imported food industry in China.Dedicate to break the barrier, time and space. Food2China offer you: products display, trade leads posting, inquiries and communication Online to Offline. Moreover, you can upgrade your membership to enjoy more special services, like advertising promotion, LIVE streaming & videos, third-party service provider helps overseas companies to enter the China market efficiently and helps domestic importers to expand sales channels.

Contact department:Operations Department

Contact person:Nina

Contact detail:

Mobile No:+86 15876569391


2. FHW 2018|Powered by Food2China (Exhibition)
As the organizer of the most professional imported food fair in southern China, we focus on building a platform that gathers resources and strengths from upstream and downstream and facilitate information exchange and resources sharing so as to promote business cooperation and industry development. FHW 2018 will be held in September, 2018, with exhibition area reaching 70,000 square meters. Exhibitors from dozens of countries will display their special products. Additionally, multiple professional events including 2018 Imported Food Development Forum will be held during the fair.

Contact department:Exhibition project department

Contact person:Wency Tan

Contact detail:

Telephone No:+86-20-83810602 Mobile No:+8618218350403


3. Guangdong Imported Food Association (IFA)
Guangdong Imported Food Association, IFA for short, is a industry cooperation and support organization governed by Social Organization Management Bureau - Department of Civil Affairs of Guangdong Province and guided by relevant governmental departments which consists of enterprises, industry associations and renowned experts who are engaged in food import, sales and related businesses on a voluntary basis. IFA holds a great variety of events, high-end international conferences, upstream and downstream supply and demand matching fairs, professional trainings and exchange activities.

Contact department:Secretariat department

Contact person:Kathleen

Contact detail:

Telephone No:+86-20-83811937


4. F2C Media

The F2C magazine provides members with the newest information of the international food industry and promotes their products and business via advertising and quarterly magazine issuance;

Internet Media:

Our WeChat platform with hundreds of thousands of industry fans provide members with services including product display, trade lead posting, business matching and brand marketing.

Contact department:Media Department

Contact person:Snow

Contact detail:

Telephone No:+86-20-83811937


F2C WeChat Platform
5. F2C WeChat Business Group

Contact department:Marketing department

Contact person:April Yang

Contact detail:

Telephone No:+86-20-83713458 Mobile No:+86-18928819953


F2C WeChat Business Group

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