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Activity Report|IFA Organizes a Professional Buyer Delegation to Attend IFEX
Post Time:2018-11-24Author:IFA

In order to bring more benefits and provide a better trade negotiation and business matching platform to member enterprises, Guangdong Imported Food Association (IFA) organized a professional buyer delegation to attend the International Food Exhibition Philippines (IFEX) on May 24.

IFEX is the largest professional food exhibition in the Philippines.It has maintained rapid growth since the first edition. With exhibition area exceeding 10,000 square meters, the exhibition attracts professional buyers from 30 countries around the world every year.


On the evening of April 24, IFA representatives and the professional buyer delegation arrived in Philippines. That night, after communication in a meeting, the representatives and the delegation all believed that compared with the Chinese market, the Philippine food market has many advantages, such as huge demand, flexible market access and short transportation distance. The buyer delegation explicitly expressed that they hope to find suitable resources and business partners through the exhibition.


On the morning of 25, IFA representatives and the professional buyer delegation visited the exhibition together, where they had business talk with many exhibitors to discuss cooperation opportunities for mutual development. Representatives of the delegation expressed that this trip was very productive, as they could not only find suitable business partners but also better understand the future trends of the Philippine food exported to China.

In the future, the Guangdong Imported Food Association will organize more business missions to places all over the world, which will help introduce more high-quality overseas food into China and provide IFA member enterprises with a wider platform to develop business.

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