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Activity Report | Business Missions to Spain and France - Business Matching for "2018 Asia Meeting" held in Spain Begins
Post Time:2018-11-27Author:F2C

On October 15, 2018, the four-day business matching event for the "2018 Asia Meeting" began. The event was organized by the Spanish Food and Beverage Industry Alliance and supported by the Spanish Foreign Trade Development Bureau.

A total of 18 high-quality food importers from China, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, South Korea, Indonesia, India, etc. were invited to participate in the event. Three of them were recruited by the Guangdong Imported Food Association (IFA). They were Guangzhou Jointek International Supply Chain Co. Ltd., Nanjing World Village Global Supply Chain Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Weihuang Trading Co., Ltd. The Chinese enterprises that have participated in the event also include FreshHema Shanghai and wine importers from Beijing and Shanghai, which accounted for a third of the total. This showed Spain's expectation for the future of the Chinese market.

At the beginning of the event, Ms. Li Yingying, on the behalf of IFA, introduced the current situation of the association and gave a detailed explanation of the Food2China website. Spanish enterprises have great expectations for and confidence in the Chinese market. They also expressed the hope of getting help from the association to find the entrance to the Chinese market.



At the business matching event, the three enterprises organized by IFA had in-depth communication with Spanish wine, olive oil, meat and fruit juice beverage enterprises respectively. They expressed that Spanish food is of high quality and cost-effective, and they had the intention of further cooperation. IFA representatives also had a talk with the head of Alimentaria, the largest food exhibition in Spain. The two sides discussed in depth the cooperation on Alimentaria 2020 as well as other projects. The head of Alimentaria said that he very much looked forward to long-term cooperation with the IFA in the future.

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