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Returning to China after 17 Years, France Plans to Export Thousands of Tons of Beef to the Chinese Market
Post Time:2019-03-08Author:Food2China

Recently, the official starting ceremony of French beef was held at the French embassy in China. France’s ambassador to China, Jean-Maurice Ripert, says French beef finally returns to the Chinese market after 17 years. 

 As the world’s second largest beef importer, China’s consumption of imported beef will continue to grow, and China’s beef imports is expected to grow to 1.05 million tons by 2025. The signing in June 2018 of the Protocol on Health and Quarantine requirements for French beef imported to China also means that France will become the fourth EU country lifted by China’s beef embargo after Ireland, Netherlands and Denmark, which will bring more opportunities to the French beef industry. 


 It is known that the market price of French beef is cheaper, compared with the American beef returned to China in 2017, while the price of Australian beef is basically similar, which may have some impact on the import of American and Australian beef. At present, two French slaughtering enterprises have obtained access to China, namely Bigard group, the French industry leading enterprise, and Elivia, the second largest company in the industry. In November last year, the first batch of French beef was exhibited in the first "China International Import Expo". At the same time, the first batch of beef for commercial export also landed on the "Tmall fresh" e-commerce platform in the same month. With the promotion of the market, more consumers will be able to taste high-quality French beef.

Source: www.food2china.com

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