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Post Time:2019-03-13Author:Food2China

In recent years, western pears are becoming more and more popular among Chinese consumers. The performance of Dutch pears is especially impressive and their market acceptance is increasing. Dutch pears are famous all over the world because the soil in Holland is fertile and rich in nutrients due to perennial erosion of seawater. Holland is considered to be the most suitable country for growing pears.

Jaguar is one of the first Dutch companies that are qualified to export products to China, and pears are one of their export items.

Mr. Ed Heijnen, General Manager of Jaguar, said that Chinese consumers and European consumers have different tastes. Chinese consumers are more accustomed to eating crisp pears with bright and smooth skin. However, Dutch beer pears have relatively rough skin and they need to be placed aside for a period of time until their flesh becomes soft and tastes the best. This requires Dutch exporters and Chinese retailers to work together to help consumers accept the new pear and teach them how to eat the pear through longterm marketing.

Mr. Heijnen believes that although the total size of the Chinese market is huge, its import volume of fruit is still very small. This is a very potential market, but due to the different dietary habits, foreign enterprises need to do marketing step by step to promote their brands among consumers. In this process, talented staff and logistics are the keys.

Mr. Heijnen is quite confident about the quality of Dutch pears. He believes that as long as they have right sales channels, Chinese consumers will no doubt fall in love with this world-famous fruit.


Source: www.food2china.com

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