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Top 10 Most Popular Superfoods VII——Manuka Honey
Post Time:2019-04-10Author:Food2China

Manuka is a distinctive kind of honey, a national treasure of New Zealand . Manuka woods are mainly located in the hilly areas and bays in the North Island and South Island of New Zealand . 


Manuka possesses distinctive active antibacterial ingredients - UMF with six degrees (5+ 10+ 15+ 20+ 25+ 30+) . The higher the degree is, the more UMF Manuka contains . It can promote healing of wound infection caused by all kinds of bacteria and fungus, improve dyspepsia, relieve gastrointestinal disease symptoms, such as gastric ulcer, diarrhea and duodenal ulcer, effectively treat sphagitis, and protect teeth by neutralizing acidic material in the mouth . In addition, due to its high antioxidants, Manuka can enhance human's comprehensive immunity and endurance . As it contains oligosaccharide rather than saccharose, it is less likely for it to cause obesity . 


However, New Zealand has not introduced a national standard of Manuka, so there are multiple different certification systems about ingredients and purity in the market . Some shoddy goods are even disguised as quality goods for sale . For example, New Zealand produces only 1700-2000 tons of Manuka every year, but the honey sold in the name of Manuka in the global market can be over 10 thousand tons . Recently, New Zealand Evergreen Life Limited has recalled some Manuka suspected of containing added DHA and MGO . 

Main export coutry: 

New Zealand 

Concerning products: 

Manuka honey, manuka honey tea bag, manuka honey candy 

How to eat:

Swallow directly; mix in 40C water or milk; spread on bread .

Source: www.food2china.com

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