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Post Time:2019-04-15Author:Food2China

After surveys of families with a monthly income of more than 5000 Yuan (about $754) in 12 Chinese cities for 3 consecutive years, Wine Intelligence last released report “China Landscapes 2018”, which shows that China's consumption of imported wines, especially Australian wine, is growing. 

The report shows that Australia wine is the second most famous (second only to French wine) among Chinese consumers. 53% of urban imported wine consumers are aware that Australia is a famous wine producer, and more than 36% of the consumers have drunk Australian wine in the past 6 months. Additionally, data shows that in the 12 months until March, export of Australian wine to China had increased by 51% to 1 billion Australian dollars, the highest export volume to a single country on record, which makes China the most profitable market for Australian wine. According to the tariff agreement between Australia and China, Australia will enjoy zero tariff in China in 2019. 


In terms of brand awareness, many foreign wine brands, including DBR Lafite (France), Yellow Tail (Australia) and Penfolds (Australia), become more famous among Chinese consumers. A Wine Intelligence researcher expressed that “Many Chinese consumers think that the most successful foreign wine brand in China is Bordeaux. It might be true 5 years ago, when imported wine was used mainly as gifts or was drunk in business occasions, but as personal consumption rises, wine brands from other major wine-producing countries such as Australia and Chile begin to increase their influence and contact with Chinese consumers.


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