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Speaking of the United Kingdom, many people can only think of fried fish and chips and thus complain that the UK has no good food. This stereotype seems deeply rooted. In fact, as in other countries around the world, there are also many excellent foods in the UK, the most prominent of which is beef. Many world-famous beef varieties, such as Angus and Helfort, originate from the UK. 

Angus, with the full name Aberdeen Augus, is one of the oldest beef breeds in the UK. It originates in the counties of Aberdeen, Kincardine and Angus in northern Scotland. Black fur and no horns are the main characteristics of Angus, so it is also known as hornless black beef. Although Angus is short and has stout limbs, it features strong muscles and high meat yield. 

In the early 19th century, Watson, a Scottish beef farmer conducted breed improvement on the basis of his beloved cattle Old Jock and Old Granny. 29 calves were born in 35 years, which stabilized the new breed. Now most of the registered Angus beef in the world are descendants of these two cattle. Since its introduction into the United States in 1873, Angus has become increasingly prominent in the country. Then it has gained popularity in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Argentina, etc. Now its footprints have spread all over the world. 

The main reason of Angus’popularity all over the world is its unique breeding methods. Generally speaking, Angus only feeds on grass after weaning. No growth hormone or animal by-products are used. Moreover, Angus grazes freely in a natural stress-free environment to ensure enough amount of exercise, so its meat is chewy and juicy with compact texture and low fat. 


Fillet, Rib Eye, Sirloin and T-Bone are the most popular Angus steaks in British restaurants. Fillet is actually tenderloins located in the inner back of the animal and there are only two slices of it in a beef. Due to less exercise, it is the the softest and least fat part of beef with a tender taste. Fillet steak is definitely the best choice for people who pay attention to their bodies. 

Rib Eye refers to beef between the 6th and 12th ribs. The meat is light, tender and juicy with obvious fat lines. It is where marbling is the most even and dense. Compared with Filet steak, its taste is more three-dimensional and chewy. 

In addition to Filet and Rib Eye, Sirloin steak is also very popular in Britain. Sirloin steak mainly refers to a kind of streaky beef with a fewer tender cowhells located around the back of the animal. In the UK, Sirloin steak refers in particular to beef brisket. The higher the position, the tenderer and sweeter the meat is. If you are a senior gourmet who knows the steak, you will never miss T-bone steak! The so-called T-bone steak is actually fore-waist beef with bones, and it gets the name because of the T-shaped rib. Fillet and Sirloin each account for half of the meat on both sides of the bone. T-bone steak features both Fillet’s tenderness and Sirloin’s tastiness.


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