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Southeast Asia is renowned for its abundant agricultural products. Thailand, located in the center of ASEAN countries, is one of the best agricultural producers. It is traditionally an agricultural country that grows crops in conventional ways. Its agricultural produce is well known for being naturally delicious, nutritious and healthy, which is consistent with today's healthy diet trend. Food industry in Thailand now is gradually shifting towards food packaging and processing, increasingly expanding the market influence and added value of its agricultural produce. 80% raw materials of Thai food come from natural resources with the country, which offers Thai food a very competitive price. In addition, thanks to its trade relations with other countries since ancient times, its food culture is very inclusive and flexible. As a result, its food processing industry also inherits this international feature both in tastes and packages.

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  • Carminger Menter Food Shop
    Leisure Food
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    Welcome to Carminger Menter Food Shop! We are a company specialized in the supply of baby food products, seafood/meat and coffee/tea. We also outsource a lot of other commodities which you can find in our product list. We can export our products almost to any continent but our biggest markets have been mostly to China, USA and the EU. And our products adopt professional technic, unique quality and standard brands.

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