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COOKIES biscuits

2018-09-05 17:20:08
2019-03-05 17:20:08

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Kaichen Food Industry (YOUME FOODS) - Introduction Kaichen Food Industry (YOUME FOODS) was founded in 2016, we are a research and development, production in one of the modern small and medium-sized pastry manufacturers. Kai Chen food industry (YOUME FOODS) is located in Malaysia Penang Simpang Ampat heroes Park No. 28 & 30. We have successively obtained the Muslim certification issued by MeSTI and JAKIM of Malaysia. Our products are also suitable for vegetarians. And we can produce as much as 3000 kilograms a day. "YOMEE has rice" is our brand. Because of market demand, we also provide OEM. At present, our products are sold in Indonesia, Australia, China and other regions. The cookies range from the most traditional formula to the newly developed flavor to supply a wide variety of markets with this demand. We are a factory with quality and hygiene guarantee. We make all kinds of crisps, such as taro crisp, peanut crisp, sesame crisp, coconut crisp, durian crisp, wheat crisp, green bean crisp, cheese crisp, green tea crisp, Lavender crisp, etc. We insist on using superior ingredients, relying on raw materials and granulated sugar to make puffy cakes naturally fluffy. After baking technology, the natural flavor of raw food is released, the taste is crisp and crisp, and the taste is sweet and salty. Our products are packed in plastic cans, iron cans, cartons, plastic bags, acrylic cans, bulk, independent packaging. Our buyers are mainly importers and agents. "Quality is the basis of enterprise development, integrity is the driving force of enterprise development." The company is adhering to this development concept, training a number of technical personnel, with independent product research and development, quality inspection and technological innovation, has established a sound production management and quality system. We will let you believe that "we have chosen the best quality, we have chosen to rest assured."


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