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Fresh truffles lose weight every day due to the loss of water. It is quite difficult to keep fresh truffles away from damp and, at the same time, maintain their moisture. Therefore, if not consumed immediately after purchase, preservation becomes very important.


According to truffle hunters, it is best to eat truffles within two days after picking them up. However, it is impossible for restaurants around the world to purchase white truffles once every two days, so how to preserve white truffles becomes vital. Chefs will carefully wrap each white truffle up in paper, seal them up in boxes, and then store them in refrigerators with the temperature controlled at two to four degrees Celsius. “In Italy, we also put truffles in egg boxes. After some time, the aroma of truffles will permeate into the eggs and the eggs turn very delicious.” Andrea said.


In the view of Chef Andrea, in order to highlight the elegant aroma of white truffles, the best way is to eat them raw with some simple and common ingredients such as scrambled eggs, pasta or risotto. Sprinkle thin white truffle slices on a dish, and the flavor can be instantly sophisticated.

The skin of French black truffles is not tasty for its hardness. They are often peeled first, and then finely cut into slices or small dices to be added to dishes.

As the shelf life of fresh truffles is too short, people have made them into various products to preserve their taste more or less. For instance, truffle oil and truffle jam are exceptional seasonings in western restaurants and can make ordinary dishes extraordinary. Truffle oil extracted from the white truffle is the most famous, and can make the food taste more intense, unique and fresher. It may be mixed with olive oil to suit different flavor choices.

Other truffle products include the truffle salt, truffle chocolate, truffle butter and even truffle vinegar.

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