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Post Time:2019-09-10Author:f2c-nina

In 2015, China banned the export of French poultry after an outbreak of H5N1 bird flu in Dordogne. Now, the epidemic situation has passed, the General Administration of Customs issued its 55th announcement of this year on March 27, announcing the ban-lifting of bird flu epidemic situation in France. On the 25th of the same month, China and France signed the Memorandum of Understanding, and French poultry exports to China is expected to resume soon.

Chinese quarantine authorities are also reported to have inspected seven slaughterhouses in France in early March. The seven slaughterhouses have now passed each individual inspection and are allowed to export poultry meat to China. The list can be searched in the "List of Meat Products From Countries or Regions Meeting The Assessment And Examination Requirements" updated by the General Administration of Customs earlier. As for companies still waiting in the "queue" of examination, the Chinese side said it would go to France before the end of this year for inspection work.

In recent years, the growth of imported chicken has slowed as a result of recurring outbreaks of bird flu and food scandals in the fast food industry.According to customs data, the total amount of imported chicken and chicken by-products in 2017 was 452,000 tons, and was about 500,000 tons in 2018 which mainly came from Brazil. However, with the resumption of SinoFrench poultry trade, the market structure for imported poultry is likely to be rewritten.

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