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Taste in United Kingdom——Global View(3)
Post Time:2019-10-31Author:F2C_Hay

As one of the four largest economies in Europe, the UK not only has a highly developed capital market and a top quality of living, but also has many distinctive foods such as grilled steak, fried fish with chips, Victoria sponge cake and bitter beer and so on. 

In terms of exporting food and drinks, the top five UK export products are whisky, salmon, chocolate, cheese and beer. According to the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), the UK exported 22 billion pounds of food and beverages in 2017, up 9% year-on-year. DEFRA trade data shows that, the export of the UK food and beverage to China increased by 28% in the same year, reaching approximately 564 million pounds. 


At present, the UK mainly exports products like pork, seafood, dairy products, grain and oil, beer and whisky etc. to China. According to China Customs data, from January to June this year, China imported a total amount of 53,700 tons of British pork and pork by-products, imported seafood and cream, cheese and other dairy products of about 11,700 tons and 13,000 tons respectively, and imported malt beer of 17.11 million liters, and whisky of 8.56 million liters. 

In addition, in June this year, China and Britain reached a beef agreement. British beef has obtained a permit for the Chinese market and is expected to appear on the Chinese table at the end of this year. Analysts expect that the agreement will benefit British beef producers by bringing 230 million pounds income in the next five years. 

At the moment, China is the UK's eighth largest export market for agricultural products. Chinese consumers bought over 610 million pounds of British food and beverages in 2018. As China’s import market expands, more and more British foods are expected to get the entrance.

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