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Chilean cherries directly landed in Shanghai by shipping for the first time
Post Time:2020-01-06Author:F2C_lala

Just before the New Year' s Day, a first shipment of around 7,700 tons of cherries from Chile to Shanghai via a direct route arrived in the city and passed frontier inspection and customs, the Shanghai Customs and Yangshan Immigration Inspection Station announced on Tuesday.

The cherries will soon be available in local market.

China has become one of the largest markets for cherries, according to customs and inspection officers. 

The fruit ripens in Chile generally between November and March, a time when there is a shortage of cherries in China. Imports fill this gap. Last year almost 90 percent of cherries imported were from Chile.

Favorable weather in the South American country this year led to a larger harvest than usual. At the second China International Import Expo and other events, sales agreements were signed that raised the volume of imports by around 30 percent.

Chinese shipping giant COSCO decided to open a direct route called the "Cherry Express" from a port in Chile to Shanghai's Yangshan port, taking 23 days, 8 to 13 days less than in the past.

To ensure freshness and cut the transport time, the inspection station and customs enhanced communication with the maritime affairs authority, the port and shipping company to complete part of the procedures in advance and speed checks after the fruit arrived.

Another two ships carrying Chilean cherries are on their way to Yangshan.

Source: SHINE

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