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The Czechs like to talk about beer and they also like to drink beer. Pilsner, one of the world’s most popular beers, was invented in Plzen, an hour’s drive from Prague. Most pubs and restaurants offer only one type of beer, such as Pilsner Urquell or Budweiser (a beer from Budvar). Prague is also home to U Fleku, one of the oldest beer bars in the world which started supplying beer in 1499. It can be said that Czech beer has a good reputation around the world.

Czech beer brewing can date back to several centuries ago and the earliest known beer brewing appeared in 993. In the early days, massive production of beer took place around the abbey and wheat beer was particularly sought after then and gradually developed later. Pilsner Urquell brewery was founded in 1842. At the same time, Budweiser was produced in Budweiser. Although Czech is mainly famous for its pale golden beer, you can also enjoy dark beers or other powerfully brewed beers in Czech bars. It is such a rich variety of beer that makes Czech’s history.

The Czech Republic is the country with the largest per capita beer consumption in the world. In 2014, the per capita population even reached a staggering amount of 143 liters, much higher than the 110 liters of Germany which ranks the second after it. In addition, this country is somewhat special to beer lovers, because it is the hometown of Pilsner beer and Sachs hops. In 1839, the inhabitants of the Bavarian town of Pilsen crowdfunded the construction of a craft brewery where the dim, turbid, poor-tasting beer in the market then was improved and the bitter Plisner with bright, clear straw-yellow color, malt-like fragrance and authentic hop bitterness.

Pilsner beer is named after the Pilsner city of the Czech Republic. Strictly speaking, Pilsner is also the world’s first Lager beer. It is mainly pale. Modern Pilsner color ranges from light yellow to gold, and the flavors used are also quite different. At present, there are three kinds of popular Pilsner in the world, including Pilsner of


(1)Herold Beer 

The castle brewery in Breznice was founded in 1506 and have been brewing Herold beer without interruption. They celebrated the 500th birthday for this historic brewery in 2006. The new Herold Brewery was built around 1700. With beautiful baroque architecture and malt fermentation room, it represents a unique architectural jewel of the Czech Republic of unmatched value. It has been brewing the beer of the best quality by strictly using traditional techniques.


(2)Bernard Beer 

Bernard is a long-established Czech beer brand. Its unique formula and traditional production process make Bernard Black Beer, Bernard Gold Beer and other products of its brand enjoy a high reputation in the world beer industry. On October 26, 1991, Stanislav Bernard, Josef Vávra and Rudolf Šmejkal reopened the Hönnpolet Brewers brewery built in the 16th century.


(3) Montenegro Beer 

The Montenegro Brewery is located in the Montenegro city in the Moravia region. According to the history of European beer, famous breweries are all named after the place that they are located in as only the most prestigious ones in the area can be named so. In the written European literature on beer, the Czech Republic’s Montenegro beer dates from 1298 and has a history of more than 700 years.


(4)Pilsner Beer 

Pilsner or Pilsener beer (Pils in German) generally refers to beer made using Pilsner’s brewing methods. It originated from the city of Pilsen of Czech Republic. It is a Lager beer brewed with light malt and heavy bitter hops by bottom fermenting. The maximum wort concentration does not exceed 12.5 degrees.

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