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In 2019, China imported more shrimp than the United States
Post Time:2020-02-20Author:F2C_lala

According to China Customs' data, China is importing 718,000 tons of shrimp products in 2019, an increase of 462,000 tons over 2018. Imports in December reached 87,000 tonnes, hitting a new record of import in single month. Among the total imports, about 649,000 tons were frozen Warmwater shrimp (including Argentine red shrimp), an increase of about 237%; Imports of Coldwater shrimp were about 56,000 tons, up 6%. Imports of live shrimp were about 10,500 tons, up 26%.

Ecuador and India are by far the biggest sources of shrimp imports to China. Ecuadorian white shrimp imports more than tripled from the previous year to 322,000 tons. India imported 155,000 tonnes of shrimp, also up 346 per cent on the previous year.

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