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Enjoy the Chinese New Year with delicious, high quality EU meat and poultry!
Post Time:2020-03-03Author:F2C_lala

In recent years, Chinese consumer have shown a growing preference for European meat and poultry products. There’s no better time than Chinese New Year to explore thesafety, quality and authenticity of European meat and poultry. 

Whether it is dining at a restaurant or cooking a Spring Festival dinner at home, meat products produced in the European Union offer a guarantee of exceptional taste, quality, safety and excellent nutritional value created in harmony with nature. Recent activities of the “Colours by Europe” campaign in China have helped introduce Chinese consumers to the range of EU meat products. These activities included a nationwide retail promotion in cooperation with Alibaba’s Freshhippo and restaurant promotions in Guangzhou and Shenzhen under “Enjoy! It’s from Europe” signature.  


EU has a very high level of food quality and sanitary standards that meet the Chinese  consumers’ demand. 


Chinese consumer are showing a growing preference for European meat and poultry products Chinese customs data from May 2019 shows a 45% increase in meat imports to China, with the bulk of that total being pork. From January to May 2019, beef imports have increased 51% and chicken was up 45%. With China’s increasing appetite for imported meat and poultry products,. 


Europe is the world's second-largest pork producer and the third-largest beef producer. Its poultry, mainly goose, chicken and turkey is favoured by consumers around the world. The meat industry is a basic branch of European economy, making meat one of the main ingredients of European diet and an important part of European traditional dishes. Therefore, the safety, quality, and taste of meat have always been the top priority. 



The European Union’s Comprehensive Food Safety & Quality System 

Chinese consumers can enjoy European F&B products with peace of mind thanks to the comprehensive safety and quality standards at every step of growing and production. European Union farmers are subject to the world’s most stringent standards of health and safety in terms of food production. 

The high quality of European F&B products is guaranteed by the stringent production standards and quality controls that are in place. High Production standards in the EU ensure nutritious and healthy F&B products. 


The comprehensive food safety system of the European Union has penetrated into every link of food production. Meat processing, including poultry and livestock raising, health status and well-being, as well as related standards for meat processing, marking and retailing, is monitored by the safety system. Manufacturers and distributors need real-time monitoring and recording of meat transport locations, retailers and consumers, which means that all EU meat products are traceable. 


EU Pork: Exception Taste, First-Rate Quality


The EU is the world's second biggest producer of pork after China and the biggest exporter of pork and pork products. The EU's main producer countries are Germany, Spain and France and between them they represent half of the EU's total production. Pork products from the EU include high quality hams from countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Austria and Belgium as well sausages from Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Denmark and Poland. 

The European tradition in pork production and decades of experience in its improvement allow to produce pork with excellent technological parameters, high culinary quality and excellent taste qualities. The production process considers selection and measurements at each stage, which enable constant supervision over the created quality.  



EU Beef: Taste and Quality Born from Nature 

European beef is appreciated for its taste and high technological quality. European Union producers owe this reputation to high animal husbandry standards, as well as experience in traditional beef curing, which is very important for achieving an excellent end product. The quality of beef achieved in Europe is the consequence of a perfectly organised production chain, where attention to details allow to produce a product with exceptional taste, juiciness and tenderness.


The natural growth of animals and the ban on hormones and growth promoters are the European way of creating quality beef. The basis of its taste is the natural nutrition of animals, which is an inherent element of shaping the proportion between fatty and fat-free body mass of an animal. In Europe, natural pasture grazing is popular from spring to autumn, and in winter – the use of high-quality plant feed. 

The EU produced 7.8 million tonnes of bovine meat (beef and veal) in 2017. Almost one half of all the EU's beef production came from three Member States -- France, Germany and the United Kingdom. The biggest EU veal producers are France, the Netherlands and Italy. 

EU Poultry: High quality products, a highly regulated production chain

Europe has a long tradition of producing high quality poultry products and poultry is produced in all EU Member States. The European poultry sector is governed by extremely strict rules based on the requirements of the EU agricultural policy and other integrated provisions which constitute part of additional systems promoting standardisation of high quality and safety standards. One of the key elements that ensure full transparency of the EU production chain is a mandatory poultry identification system and continuous supervision exercised by veterinary services, which guarantee an adequate level of supervision over animal products from the time eggs are laid. 

The EU is one of the world’s largest poultry meat producers and a net exporter of poultry products with annual production of around 15 million tons. More than 70% of the EU's poultry meat is produced in five countries: Poland, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. 


“Colours by Europe”Campaign in China 

A 24-month communication campaign in China running until early 2021, includes numerous events for businesses and consumers as well as strong online and media presence (WeChat, Douyin and Weibo) to promote EU agricultural products. The objective is to increase the awareness among Chinese consumers of the key attributes of EU F&B products - i.e. safety, quality and authenticity, to educate the Chinese audience on how to best enjoy them on their own, or in different food combinations, and to encourage purchase. China is the EU’s most important trading partner and the second largest food importer in the world, with a wealthier and more sophisticated society demanding a higher quality and variety of products. 


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