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How to Export Food to China during the Pandemic
Post Time:2020-05-09Author:FOOD2CHINA-Nina Nip

It has been five months since the outbreak started. The ongoing battle against the disease is still on, as pharmaceutical organizations are researching for a vaccine. The global spread of COVID-19 has posed an obstacle to trade between countries, especially in the food industry. 


During emergencies, food is one of the top priorities. With people impossibilities to go out, the Internet has started to play an increasingly significant role in food purchasing. International trade has also been influenced by it, with the result of E-commerce becoming the easiest way to export food to China.


Here we will present you with some useful guidelines on how to export food to China during the pandemic.


Market survey


Every one of us before making any decision should study its possible ramifications. The first and most crucial step in the export business is to carry out an online market survey. It will be challenging to promote your brand and products if you are not familiar with the market situation in China. Understanding domestic import demand is necessary for you to choose the product which suits best the market needs. 


The local market could be already saturated with your product, therefore thinking about exporting that sort of food to China can be detrimental because of the intense competition.


Export food to China during the pandemic can be a real challenge. Standards for food imports are particularly strict because it is related to people's health. Everything in the food, including ingredients and additives, needs to comply with Chinese regulations. Run meticulous market research and feasibility analysis based on the target customers and competitors, can provide you with the information you need to make a better decision. 



Brand promotion


The second step you will want to take to export food to China during the pandemic is to effectively promote your brand. Efficient brand promotion can enhance your brand awareness and influence the minds of your future customers. Keep in mind, that most of the times people buy from you because they trust you. Although offline promotion cannot be carried out under the current situation, there are still many ways to achieve it through the Internet.


To have better chances to successfully export food to China during the pandemic, you can design new banner advertisements, shoot video or live broadcasts to promote your product. These methods are all characterized by their wide range of accessibility, strong communication results, and fast transmission speed. Social media is also an ideal channel to interact with your potential customers at a low cost.


Another possibility could be relying on brand advertorials. They are very useful for attracting buyers with high-quality content. Besides, they bring interesting information to the customers reducing their resistance to advertising. 


Further opportunities could be caught by setting up an online store. It provides convenience and allows you to connect more rapidly with your clients. All these methods are all impactful ways in which your company can export food to China during the pandemic. 


Supply Chain Management


Market research and brand promotion are essential, but they need to be supported by a well-managed supply chain service. To export food to China during the pandemic you would need to deal with the customs and their regulations. You should consult an expert and prepare all the records and relevant information in advance. At last, you will need to implement a safe, fast, and reliable delivery service.


Both customs and delivery are difficult aspects to deal with. Usually, companies seek assistance from local platforms or some agents who are familiar with customs procedures as well as delivery services. Reliable online e-commerce platforms can help you by providing all these services without you directly coming to China.





If you are thinking about how to export food to China during the pandemicyou can consider asking Food2China. We are an online e-commerce platform for the food industry qualified to provide one-stop services for you, including authoritative market research, customized brand promotion, professional advice on customs, and reliable logistics services, which are mentioned above. 


Whether you want to enter the Chinese market or you are already present and wish to develop your business one step further, Food2China can assist you to achieve your goal. 


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