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Food2China Holds Online Live Broadcasts to Promote Food Export to China
Post Time:2020-05-25Author:FOOD2CHINA-Nina Nip

In recent months, the COVID-19 outbreak has radically changed the way we used to do business. Since the beginning of the pandemic, everybody around the world has been more isolated. Flights forced limitations, together with the fear of contracting the virus, has lead people to stop traveling. 


Business travels, and negotiations have been affected as well, letting companies opting for online communication. The food industry was undoubtedly one of the most hit by the virus spreading. Many countries have seen an increase in controls and regulations on behalf of local governments. 


With the uncertainties regarding the vaccine production, a need emerges to find new innovative ways to support negotiation and communication for international trade, especially in the food and beverage sectors.


In this article, we, Food2China, will present a new channel of promotion to export food to China. Let`s take a look.




Online Live Broadcast to encourage food export to China 


Food2China's mission has always been to become a bridge between the international suppliers and Chinese buyers, supporting the establishment of long-lasting collaborations. We help foreign companies search for the right partner, while we let Chinese people enjoy other delicious and characteristic food from other countries.


To face the current times, we came up with new ways to incentivize food export to China. We thought about the Zoom application as a means to let businesses reconnect with each other. By using Zoom, users easily collaborate on projects, record sessions, and share videos and documents. It is overall a power tool to increase advertisement.




On top of that, through this application, we designed a different type of advertisement. We started to organize an Online Live broadcast to help develop relations among companies and encourage food export to China. During the broadcast sections, we were able to create a place where local buyers can more easily interact with foreign suppliers. On one side, it is an excellent opportunity to ask information and resolve problems. On the other, it has become a valuable opportunity for international manufacturers to promote and sell their products.



The response was amazing. Companies have seen Live Broadcast as a possibility to show and talk about their products and their brand, negotiating directly with the clients as if they were meeting in person. The online broadcast turned in a sort of new international Expo. Our team supported communication throughout, providing both sides with expert suggestions and the right stage.


We believe that in these times of general crisis, businesses do not need to give up the idea of expanding in new markets. On the contrary, they have to grasp the new occasion arising. The live broadcast is now and will continue in the future, to be one of the most effective methods to facilitate food export to China. It allowed our team of professionals to stay closer to our partners, and answer to their various concerns. 





It is crucial to build trust between the two trading parties. Many elements can become a reason of misunderstanding such as the different language and cultural background.


Food2China is an online platform for the food and beverage industries. Our main goal is to facilitate and support the international businesses when exporting food to China. Among our many services, we provide market surveys considering the internal demand and competitors. Besides, we are specialized in business matching, brand promotion and marketing advice. We also handle the supply management aspects, dealing with customs clearance, inspection, logistics organization, and delivery.


Whether you want to enter the Chinese market or you are already present, and you would like to further develop your business. Food2China has rich experience in international trade and plenty of successful cases. Take some time to hear how we may help you.










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