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The Import of Wine Products Continues to Decline during 2020丨FOOD2CHINA NEWS
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The Import of Wine Products Continues to Decline during 2020丨FOOD2CHINA NEWS
Post Time:2020-07-22Author:FOOD2CHINA-CARMEN

The import volume and value of wine products amounted to 478.1 million Liter and 1344.6 million US dollars during Jan. to May of 2020, representing 29.1% and 31.4% YOY decrease.

Although the import of grape wine is still in depression, the industry is optimistic about its future development and considers consumer cultivation the key to success.

According to the data unveiled by CFNA (China Chamber of Commerce of I/E of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-Products), the import volume and value of wine products during Jan. to May of 2020 reached 478.1 million Liter and 1344.6 million US dollars, representing 29.1% and 31.4% decline respectively compared with the same period last year [1] (read more detailed analysis in A Comparison of Beer, Wine, and Spirits Import Data in China: 2017 to 2019) .

Product   name

Import   volume (million liter)

Import value   (million US dollars)

Volume YOY

Value YOY

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grape wine





other wine















The import data of wine products from Jan. to May 2020

It is noteworthy that the import volume of grape wine is subject to the sharpest decrease among other alcoholic products. Starting from 2018, the import volume of grape wine keeps falling for the consecutive 2 years, and it jumped to 612.46 million liter in 2019, representing 10.9% decrease compared with that of the last year. Additionally, the number of bottled grape wine importers peaked at 6411 in 2018, while it plummeted to approximately 4000 in 2019 [2].

logo_Importation of Grape Wine Products from 2014 to 2019.png

Data source: CFNA

Reasons for the grape wine sector depression

Oversupply is one of the leading factors for the import decline these years. Attracted by the huge profit of grape wine, a large quantity of enterprises embarked upon the wine importation business in the past few years. However, they do not have a comprehensive understanding of the imported wine market and the consumption awareness of domestic consumers is not as high as expected. Grape wine expert Li Demei stated that enterprises take it for granted that domestic consumers prefer to grape wine because it is healthier, but the fact is consumers have not completely accepted the consumption culture and habits [3].

Undoubtedly the outbreak of COVID-19 at the beginning of 2020 greatly affected the consumption of wine products as the social gathering were restricted. Since the pandemic is getting well controlled in China, many enterprises believe that the depression is just temporary and are optimistic about grape wine’s selling in the second half year, especially the upcoming Mid-autumn Festival and National Day holiday.


Pay attention to the change of consumption behavior

The online sales of grape wine achieved a remarkable performance during the epidemic period. Zui E Niang, one of the most popular wine stores on Tmall, said their sales value doubled after the outbreak of COVID-19. According to a survey conducted by Wine Intelligence (from Mar. 27 to Apr. 14), consumers are less willing to purchase grape wine in physical store during the epidemic controlling period, but 47% of the respondents said they would increase the consumption of wine products when they can move freely, and 52% said they would continue to purchase grape wine online [4].

Cultivate the consumer group

Yu Tianyun, General Manager and Executive Vice President (Greater China) of Kingston Estate Wines stated that consumer is still the key for market expansion. At present, the enterprises should bear the social responsibility and improve the self-competitiveness; for medium and long term, it is the destiny to cultivate the consumers through the cooperation between overseas and domestic grape wine manufacturers.


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