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What is Italian Pasta?
Post Time:2020-07-31Author:FOOD2CHINA-Nina Nip

Pasta is the general term for pasta. Among the types of western food, pasta is the closest to our Chinese eating habits.There are at least 500 types of pasta in the world. Here is an introduction to the 4 types of pasta.

1. Spaghetti

Spaghetti is the most traditional pasta shape, and it is also the most common type of pasta we usually see. It is a basic type of pasta and a more versatile pasta. It can be paired with a red sauce made from tomatoes or a green sauce based on basil and olive oil, and it can also be paired with cheese and cheese. , But the most common is to eat with Italian tomato meat sauce.You can find nice and local taste of spaghetti from Pastificio Riscossa F.lli Mastromauro S.p.A.via shop https://www.food2china.com/productInfo/2048.html



2. Penne

The two pointed ends of the Penne are similar to the shape of the nib of a quill pen. The hollow part and shallow engraving on the surface can maximize the taste of the sauce. Not only can you add tomatoes, garlic, edible oil and red peppers to prepare the oldest Italian dishes, you can also combine with minced meat, onions, celery, carrots and tomatoes to prepare Bolognese dishes.

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3 Orecchiette

This small and exquisite pasta is first evenly blended with Durham wheat flour and mountain spring water in a specific ratio, and then extruded and shaped by hand with a copper mold to become a piece of cute "cat ears." The soft inside and tough noodles have a unique chewiness and charming wheat aroma. Whether it is paired with sauce as a staple food, or mixed with olive oil and other ingredients as a side dish, it is very suitable.FOOD2CHINA introuce you to nice food from SUDALIMENTA SRL http://shop1589770329328.food2china.com/Store/110.html

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