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Market Access Requirements for Frozen Drinks in China丨FOOD2CHINA MOMENST
Post Time:2020-11-30Author:FOODCHINA-CARMEN

In this article we will talk about market access requirements for frozen drinks in China. This category includes ice cream, ice milk, ice frost, ice lollipop, popsicles, sweet ice, edible ice and other similar products.

Some features of Frozen Drinks Market
Summer is the most important part of the year for frozen drinks sales in China. Both domestic and foreign enterprise perform well in China’s frozen drink market. In 2014, China became the biggest market in the world for ice cream, with sales surpassing US $11.4bn compared to the US market’s $11.2bn.

In terms of how these products are subdivided, we should abandon the distinction between hard ice cream (also called ice cream in America) and soft ice cream(or Gelato)because Chinese standards have a different way of referring to them, as you will see below.  


According to GB 2759-2015, which is China’s most recent Standard for frozen drinks and production materials, frozen drinks “refer to foods in solid or semi-solid forms that use several of materials among drinking water, sugar, milk, milk products, fruit and vegetable products, legumes and edible oil and fat, etc. as main raw materials, added or not added with other auxiliary materials, food additives and food nutritional fortification substances, and going through mixing, pasteurizing or sterilization, congelation or freezing processes, including ice cream, ice milk, ice frost, ice lolly, sweet ice, edible ice, etc.”

This denomination also includes materials used in their production, that is to say “products in liquid, solid or powder forms which are compounded according to the final product recipe used for making soft ice cream or soft ice milk after congelation, including soft ice cream paste, soft ice milk past and soft ice cream pre-mixed flour, etc”. That’s why manufacturers and importers should bear in mind that many of the requirements for frozen drinks also apply to the materials used in the production process.


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