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Peru redoubles marketing efforts in Asia丨FOOD2CHINA MOMENTS
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Peru redoubles marketing efforts in Asia丨FOOD2CHINA MOMENTS
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According to trade promotion agency PromPerú, Asia is now the third most important market for Peruvian agri-food exports.

Most recently, the sector has recruited social influencers in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand to prepare a range of emblematic Peruvian dishes live on social media with the aim of bringing Peruvian food closer to a younger audience.

In Thailand, the campaign is being complimented with promotions for blueberries, chia, quinoa and table grapes on the e-commerce portal, as well as tastings in the supermarket chains Foodland, Tops, The Mall and Max Value.

In Singapore, Peru recently launched the ‘Power Up with Super Foods Peru’ campaign in several supermarket chains and will soon begin promoting pisco through the action called ‘Pisco Nights’.

“Asia represents a great business opportunity due to growing demand for fresh Peruvian fruit including citrus, avocado and grapes, which Peru can supply with excellent quality and at competitive prices.”

“Asia is an important destination for Peruvian food, which is why we have redoubled promotional efforts directed both to the trade and to the final consumer to generate and increase the demand for our products,” said Mario Ocharán, export director at PromPerú.

Peruvian produce also had a starring role in this year’s digital edition of Asia Fruit Logistica, being partner country for the second year running and sponsoring the Asiafruit Congress held on the day before the fair.

Activities at the fair included a special cooking show with chef Coco Tomita and Aaron Díaz, bartender and creator of the Carnaval bar recently located at No. 21 on the list of the “50 Best Bars”.

Both Tomita and Díaz showcased the gastronomic use of Peruvian products including asparagus, camu camu and blueberries.

The Peruvian companies that took part in Asia Fruit Logistica ON were Agrícola Chapi, Agualima, Asglobalfresh, POMICA and Vision Peru.

They already export a good part of their production to China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan, and are looking to expand in these markets as well as supplying new markets such as Malaysia and Indonesia. “

This was our first time at Asia Fruit Logistica, and we were satisfied with our participation,” said Vanesa Benavides of Asglobalfresh.


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