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"A romantic encounter love with Irish High Tea"-Irish Dairy Tasting Event
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"A romantic encounter love with Irish High Tea"-Irish Dairy Tasting Event
Post Time:2021-02-05Author:FOOD2CHINA-CARMEN

When talking of love, we must mention the romantic country of love - Ireland, where almost all festivals and symbols of love originated here. This is not only the birthplace of Valentine's Day and honeymoon, but also the production of chocolates that are as sweet as love...Ireland is not only a country of love, but also a practitioner of harmony between man and nature. Here, there are the most superior natural environment and strict regulations for the sustainable development of food. For example, follow the laws of nature to allow the pastures to have sufficient growth time; every 18 months, the pasture land and farming management must be carried out according to pollution-free indicators. Testing and ensure the safety of milk sources and high-quality milk, so as to truly reassure consumers.

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On January 29,  "A romantic encounter love with Irish High Tea"-Irish Dairy Tasting Event, co-sponsored by the Bord Bia, the Guangdong Imported Food Association, and FOOD2CHINA, combined the unique "love" romance with Irish high-quality dairy products and Other specialty products are brought to Guangzhou together, adding a special romantic atmosphere to the city.


Mr. Conor O'Sullivan Su Liwen, China Regional Manager of the Bord Bia, and Mr. Qi Yilong, Chairman of the Guangdong Imported Food Association, attended the event, and China Manager of the Bord Bia Mr. Su Liwen and the Executive Vice President of the Guangdong Imported Food Association Jiang Ding delivered a welcome speech. Afterward, Ms. Wu Jing, the head of the dairy sector of the Bord Bia in China, introduced the Irish dairy products displayed at the event to the guests.


As a "emerald green island" with abundant natural resources, Ireland has always been praised by the industry as the "golden milk source". Its infant formula milk powder alone accounts for 13% of the world's output, except for the world-renowned infant formula powder, Dairy raw materials such as whey powder, full-fat/skimmed milk powder, casein, and whey protein powder from Ireland also have a good reputation in the industry, and dairy products such as cheese, butter and cream are widely used in the catering industry. Milk fat and oils also occupy a larger market share.


As Ireland’s third-largest dairy export market, the Chinese market accounts for 14% of Ireland’s total dairy exports. From 2019 to the Chinese market, dairy exports reached 562 million euros, of which cheese, butter, casein, and whole-fat powders grew rapidly.

In 2012, the Irish government officially launched the world's first national dimension food sustainable development project - Origin Green (green origin). This project is so far the only country-supported food development project that takes into account safety, quality and environmental protection in food production. Its core is to put forward solutions to improve food safety and promote sustainable development through advanced scientific testing and independent third-party audits of the entire process of food production, and to help farms and food producers implement effective solutions, and ultimately promote the overall food production Sustainable development of the industrial chain.

As of now, there are 13 dairy producers in Ireland that can export to the Chinese market. It is worth mentioning that all the main ingredients at the event site were provided by certified members of the Irish Origin Green project, and carefully prepared by the five-star chef and barista to perform a variety of Irish dairy products.

The sweet love desserts on site will be made by star chef LEO using Irish ingredients. Chef LEO has been deeply involved in the professional western food field for 25 years. He has served as chef and sous chef of bakery in five-star brands. Cooperated with world masters for the second time and won various world-class awards. This time he will show the unique charm of Irish dairy products through 4 desserts with different flavors.


The organizer also invited dozens of professional importers, distributors, catering companies, gourmet experts, industry media and other representatives in the dairy industry to come to taste the natural taste of Ireland and to have a deep understanding of the green of Irish dairy products. The originality and excellent quality, the guests at the scene were full of praise for the food made with Irish dairy products. At present, some professional buyers intend to further discuss cooperation details with the brand side.


In the future, the BORD BIA will continue to work with the Guangdong Imported Food Association and FOOD2CHINA to let more Chinese consumers learn about the excellent quality of Irish dairy products, and at the same time allow distributors and the general public to have a new understanding of Irish dairy products. More exchanges and cooperation.


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