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How Latin American Cuisine Sweep Ancient Oriental
Post Time:2019-04-30Author:food2china

Distinctive Latin American food

Due to the special history of Latin America, the food of Latin American countries has the food characteristics of ancient Indians such as Maya and Askers in the region, as well as the flavor of Spanish and Portuguese food. The influence of the rest of the world is a unity of all kinds of cooking techniques, so it is rich and varied.


Latin American foods are world-renowned for their natural, non-polluting properties, and their Mediterranean climate further ensures the quality of their food.



Like other Latin American suppliers, Latin American Friends Guangzhou Co., Ltd., strives to open up the Chinese market as well.



He actively participated in various exhibitions both in Beijing and Shanghai during last year in China. But the results of these exhibitions are not as good as expected.


How to open the South China market? They wondered.


Recommended by some of his friends, he knew the food2china and Guangdong Imported Food Association( IFA)


The Food2China platform and the Guangdong Imported Food Association( IFA) jointly held the “Latin American Food Association and Business Matchmaking Meeting” in Guangzhou on March 28 ,2019. Which let us Latin American companies know more about the Chinese market.


At the event, Martin ALVEZ, Consul General of the Consulate General of Uruguay in Guangzhou, Ivan Silva, Consul of the Peruvian Consulate General in Guangzhou, Paúl Peñaherrera, Commercial Counselor of the Commercial Office of the Consulate General of Ecuador in Guangzhou, and Nadia Rosales, Commercial Commissioner, attended the tasting event. Everyone made a special conversation, promoted trade relations, and learned more about market information.



F2C is the first platform to help me do market research.

I was not in the Chinese market before. I don’t know anything about Chinese peoples preferences and affordable prices. After using F2C, they seems to have known my difficulties and helped me to do research in the Chinese market.  They gave me strategic advice on buckwheat packaging, Chinese label, price and market positioning, which allowed me to find the right direction."


Among them, Jose, the head of Latin American Friends (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. from Peru, said: Participating in Latin American Tasting will enable us to understand the needs of Chinese consumers in the field, and we can improve our packaging and taste, and enter the Chinese market. Have important help."



Marketable sales advice

Corporate with China's First Financial Business Data Center (CBNDdata), F2C's data market research can more accurately grasp market trends and analyze consumer behavior, give you more sales advice based on the data analyze.

Consumer Basic Portrait Depicting & Online Consumer Behavior Analysis






In addition, it is worth mentioning that their customs clearance, logistics, and other value-added services also make me use it!

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