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Food markets are the places with great vitality in a city. Many kinds of fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat are displayed in stalls. Housewives, chefs and other buyers come to a market to bring fresh food to every corner of a city and make them delicious food. There are many well-known food markets in the world, which are playing an inportant role in a city.

The most famous famers’ market ( Union Square Farmers Market New York City, United States )


Speaking of farmers market, we have to mention The Union Square Farmers Market in New York. It is the most famous and best farmers' market in the world. Farmers' market, as the name suggests, is a market where farmers sell their products by themselves. Farmers don’t rare to transport their products to the supermarket, so that they can reduce the cost of traffic pollution and frozen storage, which improves the freshness of fruits and vegetables. From June to November, the farmers market takes up space around the square for business in four days every week. Farmers from the counties around New York City come to market every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Every time the market brings together more than 140 local farmers, fishmongers, bakers and butchers to serve more than 60,000 buyers. Because of the freshness and high quality of the ingredients, many Michelin chefs often go shopping here.

 The best fresh market: Or Tor Kor Food Market ( Bangkok, Thailand )


Far from being a simple local Market, the Or Tor Kor Food Market is the best fresh Market in the world. The products on sale here are the best selected fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood in the world. It should be one of the must-see places for any chef. In addition to the wide variety of ingredients, there are many traditional and trendy snacks and Thai desserts, as well as a variety of instant food.

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