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Armando La Farfalla Dried Pasta
  • Armando La Farfalla Dried Pasta
  • Armando La Farfalla Dried Pasta

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Product Attribute:

  • Weight (kg):0
  • Shelf Life:Unknown
  • Freezing Technology:Unknown
  • Supply Type:Unknown
  • Price Term:Unknown
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  • Age Group:Unknown
  • Grade:Grade A

Product Description:

Type:La Farfalla Dried Pasta

Min Order: Mix Container

100% selected varieties of high quality Italian durum wheat, grown within the boundaries of an exclusive agreement between farmers and Armando's pasta factory. Our Farfalla is bronze drawn and made through a slow drying process, with a high protein content. For an al dente result please proceed bringing water to a rolling boil, add salt, add pasta to boiling water and cook it for 10 minutes. Drain well, add sauce and enjoy it!

100%精选的优质意大利硬质小麦品种,种植在农民和Armando面食工厂之间的独家协议范围内。 我们的Farfalla采用青铜拉制而成,经过缓慢干燥处理,具有高蛋白质含量。 为了获得更好的结果,请将水煮沸,加入盐,将意大利面加入沸水中煮10分钟。 沥干,加入酱汁,享受它!

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