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Imported snacks and beverages
  • Imported snacks and beverages

Imported snacks and beverages

Puff Snacks
2022-03-01 14:56:42
2022-04-01 14:56:42

Buying Description:

1. Product channel: supplier super channel (Wal Mart and Yonghui); 2. Interested countries: Southeast Asian countries; 3. Product requirements: the shelf life of the product shall not be less than 10 months, and the shelf life of the spot shall not exceed 1 / 3. The product has price advantage; 4. Supplier requirements: domestic traders with spot goods; 5. Other requirements: normal customs clearance, hygiene certificate, etc. are complete, and the product information and quotation shall be provided for selection

Company:FOOD2CHINA food2china

Rank:Gold Buyer

Shop Category:Other Foods

Country:United Kingdom

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