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Roman X.O., brandy
  • Roman X.O., brandy
  • Roman X.O., brandy

Roman X.O., brandy

2018-08-13 10:52:02
2018-11-13 10:52:02

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Brandy is a distilled alcoholic drink made from wine. Grape varieties grow in the Republic of Moldova, in the center of the CRD. X.O. has been stored in oak barrels for a long time. Its flavor is ripe and full. Vanilla and pungent tones are the main characteristics of brandy. Brandy wine is the best drink after meals. When you drink it, pour it into a tulip-shaped glass and hold it in your palm. Brandy wines give off a richer aroma and taste at about 16 degrees Celsius, and are good with pure or ice cubes. It's also part of the cocktail mix that goes with cigars and espresso.


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