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Please Pick CAEXPO for One-stop Purchase of ASEAN Food!
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You may find:

Specialty foods from 10 member states of ASEAN and other countries outside the region such as Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Australia, South Korea and Italy converge on the Expo.


Some key exhibits:

1.Brunei: prawn cracker, cookies, coconut oil, noodles

2.Cambodia: rice, beer, tonic alcohol, cashew, dried fruits, coffee, moringa seeds

3.Indonesia: coffee, coffee products, handmade cookies, prawn cracker, cubilose

4.Laos: beer, instant coffee, fruit juice, nuts, rice

5.Malaysia: coffee, milk tea, fruit juice, cubilose, handmade cookies, durian, chocolate, prawn cracker, ice cream, instant noodles, candy, sports       drink, dried fruits, sauce

6.Myanmar: beans, cashew, tea, coffee, milk tea

7.Philippines: mango, pineapple, dried banana, fruit juice, coffee, coconut oil

8.Singapore: cookies, cake, coffee, bakuteh, coconut oil, cubilose

9.Thailandcondiments (condiments, sauces)dried fruits(dried durian, dried garcinia mangostana, dried banana ), rice, tea, tin, pastry, drinks(coffee)

10.Vietnam: coffee, rice, nuts, dried fruits, pastry

11.Countries outside the region: tea of Sri Lanka, red wine, coffee and meat and dairy products of Australia, beer of South Korea, cheese of Italy


You may participate in:

Special Sourcing Activity

The 15th CAEXPO Sourcing Conference for ASEAN Food Products (2 sessions)

Economic and Trade Promotion Activities

1.Promotion Conferences for investment of 10 member states of ASEAN, Promotion Conference for Tanzania

2.Business Counsellor and Entrepreneur Exchange meeting of Chinese Embassies and Consulates in ASEAN countries


Industrial Park Promotion Activities

ASEAN Industrial Park Investment Invitation Conference

For time and address of the event, please visit the official website: www.caexpo.org



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E-mail: liaison@caexpo.org

Illustration: The 14th CAEXPO Sourcing Conference for ASEAN Food Products


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