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A Paradise of ASEAN Foodstuffs and Agro-based Products
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A grand exhibition of quality ASEAN foodstuffs and agro-based products will be held at the China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) from September 12 to 15.

Since 2004, the annual CAEXPO has been focusing on showcasing quality foodstuffs and agro-based products from 10 ASEAN countries. At CAEXPO, Chinese purchasers can select their favorite products. The CAEXPO brings a variety of ASEAN foodstuffs of high quality under one roof and gathers producers, dealers, retailers and consumers representingChinaand the 10 ASEAN countries. Quality ASEAN foodstuffs showcased at the previous 14 CAEXPOs have become very popular in China, which included candies, dried fruits, nuts, cocoa, chocolate, puffed food, cookies, cakes and pastries, instant food, canned food, healthcare food, frozen fruits, ice cream, wines, tea leaves, coffee, juice, and food and beverage franchised stores.

In addition to the above common foodstuffs and agro-based products, what other distinctive ASEAN products can we find at the coming CAEXPO?

1. Brunei – Halal Products

Over fourteen sessions of the CAEXPO, Brunei Halal products have grown familiar to more and more consumers in China, especially those in the northwestern parts where a majority of Chinese Muslims are inhabited. Products accredited with Halal certification have tapped into the Chinese market under full support of theBruneigovernment and become increasingly popular among Chinese people. At the annual CAEXPO,Bruneiexhibitors of foodstuffs such as shrimp crackers, cookies, coconut oil and noodles attract a number of loyal fans in spite of their small corporate scale.


2. Cambodia – Organic Product

In recent years, the Cambodian government have shored up support to agricultural development and stepped up technological innovation. As a result, rice yield maintains record highs and rice becomes the largest contributor to export growth. Natural seed-grown and free from pesticide or fertilizer, the Cambodian rice is reputed as platinum quality and secures great popularity among Chinese consumers who are eager for green products.

The Cambodian rice of platinum quality has been well-known in China through the CAEXPO. Chen Licheng, Commercial Representative of Cambodian Ministry of Commerce in Nanning, fully affirmed the impact of CAEXPO. According to him, the CAEXPO plays an effective role in promoting the business cooperation betweenCambodiaandChina. Especially for the sellers of Cambodian rice, the CAEXPO has become the best media. Prime Minister Hun Sen’s dream of eating Cambodian rice in Nanning has come true.

Besides Cambodian rice, Cambodian organic products such as moringa seed and cashew nut are also loved by Chinese consumers and become new favorites at the CAEXPO.


3. Indonesia – Kopi Luwak & Cocoa

Indonesia’s representative food Kopi Luwak has participated in the CAEXPO ASEAN Coffee Exhibition for consecutive years. Because of its excellent quality and unique culture, the Kopi Luwak coffee captures keen interests of Chinese consumers of the middle and upper classes, who always prioritize quality when choosing a product. Today, Kopi Luwak cafes have been opened in many parts ofChina, and Chinese consumers are no stranger to it.

Indonesian cocas are also favored by Chinese buyers. Various cocoa products can be made after the deep processing of cocoas by Chinese merchants.


4. Laos – Beer & Coffee

Owing to the CAEXPO, Beer Lao, known as the Best Beer in Asia, has been sold to various parts of China and a dozen countries in Europe and America. As the designated beer of the CAEXPO and auto rallies for years, Beer Lao has become a model of Laotian brands going global.

In recent years, Laos has developed rapidly in economy, focusing on agricultural and forestry products and achieving remarkable results. Coffee has become the most exported agro-based product. Compared with the coffee produced in other Southeast Asian countries, Lao Coffee has a unique mandheling taste. Moreover, the excrement of buffaloes is used by farmers to fertilize the soil instead of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, thus making the eco-friendly Lao Coffee welcomed by people in Europe (especiallyFrance),JapanandTaiwan. According to an authoritative French research center, Lao coffee bean is among the best twelve kinds of coffee beans in the world.


5. Malaysia – Durian & Bird’s Nest

As the representative food of Malaysia, both white coffee and frozen durian were first showcased at the CAEXPO and have been quite familiar to Chinese people. Malaysian handmade cookies, herbal health products, daily necessities, sauces and other products are also popular among Chinese consumers.

In addition, bird’s nest, one of the three national treasures in Malaysia, has become more and more favored by Chinese consumers. As a leading producer of bird’s nest,Malaysiahas developed excellent processing technology, making its bird’s nest well received by consumers. Dozens of Malaysian bird’s nest companies have exhibited their products at the CAEXPO for consecutive years and scored rich practical outcomes, signing a number of contracts with wholesalers. In recent years, the governments ofChinaandMalaysiahave been working more closely to promote the trade in bird’s nest. It is believed that Malaysian bird’s nest has huge market potential inChina.


6. Myanmar – Agro-based Products

Blessed with sound climate and rich natural resources, Myanmar is a land of tropical crops. The government attaches great importance to agriculture, bringing in foreign investment for agricultural development. A series of preferential policies have been adopted to expand the export of agro-based products such as rubber, beans and rice. Other major crops for export include cereals, cassava and sesame. Beans rank the second place in the world by export volume.

Myanmar enterprises dealing in agro-based products and foodstuffs scored rich economic outcomes at the previous 14 CAEXPOs.Myanmar’s tealeaves were ordered by Chinese purchasers at the CAEXPO. Mangoes, cashew nuts and other produce have begun to enter the Chinese market. Coffee and milk tea have gradually become known to Chinese people.


7. Philippines – Coconut Oil & Dried Mango

Tropical fruits constitute a major part among exports of Philippine products to China. Coconuts, mangoes, bananas and other tropical fruits rich in thePhilippinesare very popular with Chinese consumers, so do the related processed foodstuffs. At the annual CAEXPO in Nanning, Philippine coconut products and dried mangoes are known to and favored by more and more Chinese consumers. Specifically, VIRGIN coconut oil is highly praised.

As a leader in Philippine leisure food industry, Camellia Food Manufacturing Company has participated in the CAEXPO for many times. Its dried banana, dried mango and coconut foodstuffs have been widely acclaimed since these products are tailor-made for Chinese consumers. It once became one of the companies with the highest sales at the CAEXPO.


8. Singapore – Bak-Kut-Teh

Singapore is an international finance center and one of Asia’s important service and shipping centers. Therefore, its participation in the CAEXPO over the years mainly focused on the exhibition of financial and service trade. However,Singapore’s Bak-Kut-Teh, coconut oil, cookies, bird’s nest and other food companies have sprung up and attracted consumers with their taste and quality, thus gaining a stable customer base and showing uniqueness in food exhibition at the CAEXPO.


9. Thailand – Canned Food

Thailand is a major producer and exporter of agro-based products and foodstuffs. Apart from the Jasmine rice which is familiar to Chinese consumers, cassava, tropical fruits, dried fruits, sauces and mangoes, etc. are major products forThailandto export.

Thailand is a leading exporter of canned foodstuffs such as canned fruits and seafood. Agro-based products remain the favorite of trade visitors at the CAEXPO. Enterprises dealing in agro-based products and foodstuffs scored rich economic outcomes at the previous 14 CAEXPOs, who not only concluded orders but also had their exhibits sold out during the fair period.


10. Vietnam – Agro-based Products & Coffee

Blessed with sound climate and rich natural resources, Vietnam is a land of tropical crops. The government attaches great importance to agriculture, bringing in foreign investment for agricultural development and establishing a series of preferential policies to expand the export of agro-based products such as cassava, fruits (pitaya, jackfruit, cashew nut, dried products, etc.) and rice. Cassava, rice and rubber take up a major part among the exports.

Vietnamese coffee enjoys great popularity among Chinese buyers for its strong and specific scent, in which Trung Nguyen G7 is widely known to consumers.Vietnamis the world’s second largest coffee exporter. Compared with other Southeast Asian countries,Vietnam’s geographic location is favorable to coffee plantation. The humid tropical climate inSouth Vietnamis good for the growing of Robusta coffee beans, and the climate in the north, for Arabica. Most of the instant coffee and high-class coffee are blended with these two kinds of beans.


This year, the matchmaking fair for the purchase and sale of ASEAN foodstuffs will continue to be held at the 15th CAEXPO. We are looking forward to what surprise ASEAN exhibitors will bring to Chinese enterprises and consumers. Let’s meet in Nanning this September!



ASEAN Foodstuffs Exhibited at the previous CAEXPOs:

Brunei: shrimp cracker, cookie, coconut oil, noodle

Cambodia: rice, beer, tonic liquor, cashew nut, dried fruit, coffee, moringa seed

Indonesia: coffee, coffee products, handmade cookie, shrimp cracker, bird’s nest

Laos: beer, instant coffee, juice, nut, rice

Malaysia: coffee, milk tea, juice, bird’s nest, handmade cookie, durian, chocolate, shrimp cracker, ice cream, instant noodle, candy, sports drink, dried fruit, sauce

Myanmar: beans, cashew nut, tea, coffee, milk tea

Philippines: mango, pineapple, dried banana, juice, coffee, coconut oil

Singapore: cookie, cake, coffee, Bak-Kut-Teh, coconut oil, bird’s nest

Thailand: condiment (seasoning, sauce), dried fruit (dried durian, dried mangosteen, dried banana, etc.), rice, tea, canned food, cakes and pastries, beverage (coffee)

Vietnam: coffee, rice, nut, dried fruit, cakes and pastries


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