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Food2China Membership Terms
Users please read this Food2China Membership Terms (hereafter referred to as the Membership Terms)carefully before purchasing membership service. Completing the purchase process means that the user has fully understood and agreed to the Membership Terms by Guangzhou Food2China Co., Ltd.(hereafter referred to as the Company), and thus enjoys the corresponding membership service of the Food2China Website (hereafter referred to as the Website).
Membership service is additional service of the Website that the users can choose to purchase of their own accord. The Membership Terms which regulate the membership service are regarded as part of the Food2China Terms of Service. For matters not stipulated in the Membership Terms, please refer to the Food2China Terms of Service.
Rights and Obligations of the Company
• The Company owns the right to run the membership service. Food2China offers graded membership service to it users according to the Food2China Terms of Service (hereafter referred to as the Terms of Service), the Membership Terms, Food2China Disclaimer and other relevant operation rules.
• The Company has the right to modify the Membership Terms, including the content and price of the membership service, according to market or management requirements. The Company will inform the users in multiple ways if there is any change to the rules of use or Terms of Service of the Website, and the users need to abide by the new rules or new Terms of Service.
• The Company will try the best to make it safe and convenient for users to enjoy the service, but it will bear no responsibility for any information removal or storage failure caused by the operation of the users (For example, if a user deletes paid information, the Website will not offer the function to recover the information or return the fee that the user has paid for the information ).
• The Company reserves the right to determine if the users’ behaviors conform to the requirements of the Terms of Service. If a user violates the rules of the Website, the Company has the right to stop providing the service to the user.
• The Company does not provide shared account numbers. In particular cases, with the written approval of the Company for user change, the users have the obligation to prove the relationship between the original user and the new user, and shall bear any risks and obligations caused by the user change.
The Company does not acknowledge account numbers that the users acquire from non-official channels, and reserves the right to delete the account numbers. The official channels refer to the following cases:
• Users purchase membership service directly on the Website.
• Users purchase membership service from staff of the Company and own certificates such as valid contracts and invoices.
Rights and Obligations of Users
• Users shall ensure that the content they post on the Website is legal and shall bear full liability for any problems caused by their content. Users shall use the service in line with local, state and international laws. Users promise:
a) to post information on the Website and use the service in line with the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, and not make, copy, release and spread information with any of the following characteristics on the Website or with the help of the Website service:
  1)violating the fundamental principles of the constitution;
  2)endangering national security, divulging national secrets, subverting state power and jeopardizing national unity;
  3)harming national honor and interest;
  4)inciting ethnic hatred and ethnic discrimination and undermining national unity;
  5)undermining China’s religious policies and spreading heresies and feudalistic superstitions;
  6)preading rumors, disturbing social order and destroying social stability;
  7)advocating obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder and terror, or abetting crimes;
  8)insulting or slandering others, infringing upon the legitimate rights and interests of others;
  9)other contents prohibited by laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China.
b) to post information on the Website and use its service in line with the laws of other relevant countries and regions and the international law.
c) ot to engage in any of the following activities with the help of the Website service:
  1)entering the information network and using its resources without permission;
  2)deleting, modifying or adding functions of the information network without permission;
  3)entering the information network and deleting, modifying or adding data or applications in storage, processing or transmission;
  4)deliberately making and spreading destructive programs such as computer virus;
  5)other activities that harm the information network security.
d) not to interfere the Website service in any forms.
e) to abide by all the regulations and procedures of the Website.
• Users shall assume corresponding legal liability for their behaviors in the process of using the Website service. If the Company finds that any sticky information transmitted on the Website has any content listed in clause 3.1a above, the Company has the obligation to stop transmitting the information, save relevant records, report to appropriate governmental agencies, and delete the address or catalog which contains the content or shut the server.
• If users have any of the behaviors listed in clause 3.1 and clause 3.2, the Company has the right to stop providing membership service and other Website service and shut down their account numbers at its sole discretion. The balance left in the account numbers the will not be returned.
• Users need to provide the Company with accurate and effective personal information. If users provide false information or violate the above regulations, the Company has the right to stop providing service.
• It is a voluntary act that users purchase the service, so the users cannot ask for refund or convert the service into cash after agreeing to the purchase and paying the fee.
• Users have the obligation to keep their accounts safe, and shall be responsible for the corresponding losses caused by their inappropriate behaviors, such as poor protection of the login password or giving their account to others for use. Such inappropriate behaviors include but are not limited to:
a)inappropriate use of products and service;
b)conducting a transaction privately;
c)illegal use of service.

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