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Supplier Assistant
  • (1) One Step Store-opening (2) Add Hot Products (3) Edit Store Template (4) Modify Store Detail
  • (1) Apply For Live Streaming (2) Watch Live Streaming
  • (1) Read Inbox Notices (2) Business Chatroom
Registration – Free Member:Food2China is a one stop Online to Offline (O2O) platform that provides professional services for suppliers and importers in the imported food industry in China. Therefore, we invite you to join us to enjoy your new business journey!
Registration – Paid Member
Account Setting:It is the entrance that you can modify your business profile.
Products Management: The entrance for members to effectively manage their products, including adding, editing, posting/removing, and deleting products.
Trade Leads Management: The entrance for members to post trade leads. When members want to promote a product, they can post supply request to increase the exposure rate and get more business opportunities. When users want to purchase a product from the platform, they can post buying request so more businesses would contact them.
Store Center: each member can create a store on the platform and enjoy different personalized services according to their different membership grade. Members can decorate their own stores and put hot products in their stores for display.
Guideline:One Step Store-opening
Guideline:Add Hot Products
Guideline:Edit Store Template
Guideline:Modify Store Detail
Live Streaming Management: Paid members can apply for live streaming events to discuss cooperation with customers, which explore unlimited business opportunities; members can see the recent schedule of live streaming events and watch the live streaming.
Guideline:Apply For Live Streaming
Guideline:Watch Live Streaming
Message Center: The entrance to website notifications and business messages. Website notifications include the results of members’ operations and the latest notices. Business messages include inquiries and trade negotiations.
Guideline:Read Inbox Notices
Guideline:Business Chatroom

Post Trade Lead

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