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Sladoff TINY PIE Cake
  • Sladoff TINY PIE Cake
  • Sladoff TINY PIE Cake
  • Sladoff TINY PIE Cake

/ Piece
Piece (s)
Place of Origin
Russian Federation

Product Attribute:

  • Weight (kg):2.16
  • Shelf Life:6 Month(s)
  • Freezing Technology:IQF
  • Supply Type:Unknown
  • Price Term:Unknown
  • Certification:GOST ISO 22000-2007 (ISO 22000:2005), that include
  • Age Group:Children,Teenagers,Adult,Old-Aged
  • Grade:Unknown

Product Description:

Repeated freezing of the ready-to-bake products is not allowed!

Ingredients: fancy white wheat flour, fresh frozen cherries, sugar, margarine (natural and modified refined deodorized vegetable oils, including soy bean oil; water; emulsifiers: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, polyglycerol esters of fatty acids, lecithin; salt; sugar; preservative: potassium sorbate; natural colour: beta-carotene; food acid: citric; antioxidants: ascorbic acid, tocopherol alpha), drinking water, potato starch, egg products, dry filling mixture (thickeners: Е1442, Е466; sugar; stabilizers: Е339ii, E450iii, E401; firming agent: calcium sulfate), buffer: citric acid, salt, raising agent: baking soda.

TINY PIE is a small cake from sweetcrust pastry with the fillings from natural berries.

These sweets are not only tasty but wholesome because natural berries contain a lot of essential vitamins and minerals.

Baking Instruction

1. Take the frozen ready-to-bake products out of the corrugated box before baking and put on a baking pan at a distance of 1-2 cm from each other (600x800 mm baking pan - 5x6 rows, 600x900 mm baking pan - 5x7 rows).

Repeated freezing of the ready-to-bake products is not allowed!

2. The products are baked without defrosting.

3. Bake the product in metal capsules.

4. Use electric convection ovens or gas rotary rack ovens for baking.

5. Preheat the oven to 214°С for a gas rotary rack oven; and to 170°С for an electric convection oven.

6. Load the baking pans with ready-to-bake products into the oven. The distance between the baking pans is 200 mm. When baking in a gas rotary rack oven, place next but one baking pan on the loading trays.

7. Products baking time:

- 10-11 minutes in an electric convection oven (such as Unox);

- 17-18 minutes in a gas rotary rack oven (such as Revent).

8. If the oven has several airflow rate modes, please select the maximum rate. Do not use steam humidification when baking.

Do not open the oven door during the baking process!

9. When baking the products, you have to take into account the specifications of your baking equipment. Minor deviations are possible upward or downward depending on the technical characteristics of the oven. Due to this, you have to define baking parameters needed for your oven by way of trial.

Company:LLC Sladoff food2china

Rank:Bronze Seller

Shop Category:Snacks/Pastry

Country:Russian Federation

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