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TOP 10 FOOD MARKETS AROUND THE WORLD IV——Singapore and Australia
Post Time:2019-05-17Author:Food2China

The most Asian market: Kreta Ayer Wet Market (Singapore)


Kreta Ayer Wet Market is one of the most Asian markets in Singapore. With perfect hygiene standards, it perfectly preserves the early Chinese life in Southeast Asia. It is a wet market with a wide range of products, such as fresh Asian fruits, seafood, spices and dried goods, as well as exotic ingredients like live frogs and turtles, preserved eggs and Chinese herbs. The cooked food center, located in the same location, is also a good place to have a dinner. With 260 snack shops and stalls, it is the largest hawker center in Singapore, serving everything from Asian food to western food.

The largest open-air market in Southern hemisphere: Queen Victoria Market (Melbourne, Australia)


As the largest open-air market in the Southern hemisphere, the Queen Victoria Market has been operating since the 19th century. The market is divided into two parts: one part is a covered open-air market, which is mainly a farmers' market and a small commodity market. Vegetables and fruits here are fresher and cheaper than supermarkets. The other part is not open-air, but next to the open-air market. Each shop inside is a personal workshop, which sells almost all kinds of colorful food ingredients, such as seafood cattle, sheep and kangaroo meat, homemade bread, local honey. The market still retains the food stall of the 19th century. Walking in the market, it seems to have a dialogue with the past time and space.


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